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Here you will find bands that have come out within the past 5 years or so. The focus is on bands that have all (or at least primarily) female instrumentalists (as opposed to just singers) and have at least one recorded album. Please add to the list in the chat so I can spread the word. Also, looking for good ole rock 'n roll (no folk, singer-songwriter, jazz, country). 

The Regrettes

Totally infectious punk rock from L.A. Led by the outspoken Lydia Night ("I don’t give a fuck if someone doesn’t like what I have to say."), the band has attitude mixed with 50s & 60s pop sensibilities. The lyrics are unapologetic, fun and a bit fierce. They describe themselves as "perfectly imperfect", Perfect.

Ex Hex

The Ex Hex are sometimes garage rock, punk rock, indie rock, sometimes plain hard rock. Their first album, Rips, is much more garage/punk. The second, It's Real, more hard rock with heavy hooks. The band is the brainchild of Mary Timony, who was the leader of the 90s band Helium and recently joined Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss (of Sleater-Kinney) to form Wild Flag. I don't like all of their songs, but I love the variety, energy and the fact that the louder you play them, the better they get! 

Larkin Poe

What to say about this duo but AMAZING! This is blues rock at its best. Two sisters with great harmony, attitude, and guitar skills. They have tons of cover songs on YouTube recorded in their home, all of which are amazing. Their most recent release, Self Made Man, is fantastic and shows a bit more diversity of sound than their earlier records. 

The Coathangers

I absolutely love this punk/garage rock band with a dose of vintage girl group sounds from Atlanta, Georgia. I saw them live at a local club and their energy and fury were fantastic. Their lyrics run the gamut from confrontational, to relationships, to simple fun. They continually interact with the crowd and occasionally switch instruments. Each of their albums have a bit of a different sound focus but each is fantastic. Definitely not to be missed live. 


Hinds are a four piece garage pop/rock band from Madrid, Spain. There is a ton of energy and emotion in their songs but there is also a care-free, "fuck it" attitude. They represent the best in rock 'n roll because everything doesn't have to be perfect for Hinds. Plus they have a great DIY ethic: "We're on stage and playing the music, but we are the same as you guys, the whole Hinds concept is you can do it, too," says singer-guitarist Carlotta Cosials in a 2018 Rolling Stone article. 


FEA hail from San Antonio, Texas and are a fearless and bi-lingual Chicana punk band. They play ferocious old school punk with confrontational and fun lyrics. Their sophomore effort, No Novelties, is produced by the legendary Chicana punk Alice Bag and put out on Joan Jett's Blackheart Records. FEA is a perfect blend of both of those incredible women. The song "Girl Band" is just what this site is trying to be about! 

The Kut

Kut is the brainchild of British multi-instrumentalist Princess Maha. Live she performs with a rotating threesome. It is L7, Nirvana inspired grunge punk. She described their sound (on the MusoMuso website in 2014) as "We play basement rock, I guess farily grunge influenced, riot grrl rock." Maha is a self-taught musician who sings, plays piano, guitar, bass, and drums. I love how she contrasts smooth and raw vocals. 

Deap Valley

This indie duo must get tired of the comparisons. But here I go: they are a heavy version of a sort of White Stripes and Black Keys mash up. They have a rougher and more dangerous sound, however. Live, they tear it up and seem on the verge of chaos. In the studio, it is all more restrained but equally impressive. Lyrically, they destroy the Stiripes and the Keys: witty and confrontational. Do NOT ever miss them live! 

The Darts

The Darts play 60s garage rock mixed with horror and psych rock. The band hails from Phoenix, Arizona. Their Bandcamp description is great: “Garage-pysch-rock grrls will make your head slam and your feet shake. And then there’s the music.” Their first full length LP came out in 2019 on Alternative Tentacles (with some production help by none other than Jello Biafra), entitled We Like You But Not Like That. Definitely one of the best albums of 2019.e eyes and a great go to font for titles, paragraphs & more.

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