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Why Am I Doing This?

This project started after spending a few years reading every female alternative rock memoir I could find. I started with Kim Gordon's Girl in a Band and then started down a rabbit hole of history. The journey, while teaching me much about myself, has also taught me much about  the struggles women have faced to make their music heard above the din of sexism in the rock industry. I am also a high school history teacher and I focus a lot on those who have been written out of history or have been forgotten. After my wife made a comment about my obsession with reading female rocker memoirs, I had an idea. Why not combine my love of teaching, my desire to expose students to the marginalized, and my passion for the women in rock whose struggles have been underappreciated. Besides, my search of the Internet did not reveal any site that is attempting to do what I hope to do here. I don't have any special qualifications, but I have taught U.S. History for almost 30 years, including a class on "The Social History of Rock n Roll". I read music biographies and memoirs religiously. I am trying to teach myself piano after sucking at guitar. I can't sing or carry a tune. So there you have it, hope you find this worth your time. 

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